Gerry McMahon


Artist Statement
In this time of mass-produced plastic encased silicone high-speed blinking LED distraction, nothing is built to last. Society has no place or patience for something that moves slower than what is deemed acceptable, society just goes out and gets a newer model. Society shuns the damaged, regardless if it is a man or a machine.
I find peace and solace in the parts of the old machines. A length of rope, a few links of a rusty chain, and discarded nuts and bolts provide me with the materials I need and are the inspiration for my work. When I dismantled my first alarm clock, or find a rusted bolt buried in the yard, I feel a responsibility to keep those parts safe and in a reverent fashion. These small, unseen, and lost parts of the machine are my metaphors for the parts of ourselves that allow us to stand apart from each other, but we lose them overtime. That is why I feel these little bits and pieces need to be protected, honored, and set out for all to see. We all have something inside that does not quite work properly, and tend to hide our broken pieces so we can blend into the preconceived expectations of our society.